Singapore Duty Free Allowances

Singapore Duty Free Allowances

Singapore Duty FreeFor tourists and travellers going to Singapore here is our updated quide to your duty free allowances (also known as duty free concessions or GST).

With effect from April 1st 2010, Singapore duty free concession allowances have changed, and the following now apply.

All allowances are applicable (unless otherwise stated) for travellers that have been outside Singapore for more than 48 hours, are over 18 years of age, are purchasing for their own use/consumption and are not arriving from Malaysia.

It is important to remember that these are for genuine visitors ONLY, and exclude those who hold either a student pass, work or employment pass, dependant pass or long term pass that has been issued by the Singapore Government.

Cigarettes and Tobacco Products.
There are no duty free allowances/GST relief or concessions on any tobacco products brought into Singapore.

Alcohol: Wine, Beer and Spirits.
For this you are allowed three mix and match options. So either …
1. 1 litre of spirits + 1 litre of wine + litre of beer
2. 2 litres of wine + 1 litre of beer
3. 1 litre of wine + 2 litres of beer.

Souveniers and Gifts (only)
Allowances are given of:
$50 (less than 24 hours outside Singapore): None if under 18 years old
$150.00 (24 to 48 hours outside Singapore): $50 if under 18.
$300 (48 hours and above outside/away from Singapore): $100 if under 18.

Singapore Tourist Refund Scheme
For goods purchased while visiting Singapore from retailers who are part of the “Tourist Refund Scheme” you will be entitled to refund on the GST that you pay. Again, this is for genuine visitors/tourists only. To be eligible you must spend at least $100 at a retail store in one day (although 3 receipts form the same retailer on the same day do qualify).
You must complete the refund form that will be issued by the retailer at the time of purchase, and that form must be presented by you, together with the goods purchased, to Singapore Customs upon departure.
Both yourself and the goods must leave within 2 months of purchase and depart via either Changi or Selator Airports.

For those visiting Singapore on business and for ship and airline crew, rules differ, and as always we ask you to check before you travel.

Singapore Customs website, like so much in Singapore, is well thought out, easy to follow and is at

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