Uruguay Duty Free Allowances

Uruguay Duty Free Allowances

Uruguay Duty FreeAll arriving passengers and tourists to Uruguay are permitted an allowance of good free from duty and taxes (duty free allowance).Most visiting Urugauay will arrive at Montivideo, the capital, home to its largest sea port or at Carrasco/General Cesáreo L. Berisso International Airport (MVD), or simply Aeropuerto Internacional de Carrasco the largest airport in Uruguay.

Arriving passengers, visitors and tourists to Uruguay are entitled to the following duty free allowances.Tobacco
400 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 500g of tobacco (age limit of 18 years or older).Alcohol
2 litres of alcoholic spirits (age limit of 18 years or older).

Personal Effects, Gifts & Presents
These must be for personal use only and of a non commercial nature. These may include clothes and toiletries, sports equipment and electrical equipment. Mobile/cell phones are included but will attract duty and taxes if you re-register using a Uruguayan network provider.

Financial limits are set as follows and apply to arrivals by air or sea.

  • Visitors from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay; USD 300 (or equivalent) claimable once per calendar month.
  • Visitors from all other countries; USD 500 or equivalent, claimable once a year).

Passengers under 18 years old are allowed 50% of the allowances.

Visitors and tourists arriving over a land crossing are permitted an allowance up to USD 150 or equivalent currency once a month.

Medication is a restricted item. They must be accompanied by prescription, be in their original container and with the original label and packaging. The quantity should not be greater than what is needed for the length of your stay in Uruguay.

Remember to always check before you travel. Allowances and exemptions to Uruguay may change with little or no notice