Travel Adapters

Charge up, chill out • and get green!

Duty Free USB Travel Adapter and chargesThere’s so much to remember when you travel these days. Clothes, passport, money… phone, laptop, Ipod, shaver, hair straighteners and all the electrical paraphernalia that goes with them. You’re up to your luggage allowance before you know it…or get on the plane and realize you’ve forgotten a charger.Fear not, all is far from lost. Airports, ferries and airlines all generally carry a good range of electrical gizmos and gadgets that can save your skin, mean you can reduce the number of chargers that you have to carry, and often enhance your journey and holiday.

Look out for the exclusive TravelEasy range; you’ll only find it inflight and it features all sorts of useful items such as a laptop connector kit, travel alarm clock, translator and very useful electronic luggage scales. Coming soon is the EcoButton, a nifty device that sets your desktop or laptop at the lowest power setting when not being used, plus a windup radio, shaver and torch • great for all you backpackers, campers and beach bums!

There are all sorts of travel adaptors available on the market, but not all reach international safety standards. One that does is the Swiss Travel Adaptor in black, nifty blue or red. It can be used in over 150 countries and carries a lifetime guarantee. An essential product for all travelers.If you want your own private party when you’re away, plug your Ipod/MP3 player into one of the many travel speakers now available at great value prices. We love the Gear4 Street Party Slim Speaker and the PowerTraveller Mini Travel Speakers for excellent sound quality at a economical price.And when your Ipod, phone, digital camera or just about any other electrical device needs charging up again, PowerTraveller can again come to the rescue with the handy PowerMonkey charger. There’s also a SolarMonkey version which needs no power source…just the sun…to recharge.

Just like us really!