Sticknwizz – Never Lose Your Valuables Again

Ever lost something important far from home ?

Keep calm, Sticknwizz finds whatever you might lose.

Sticknwizz is a very simple but efficient tool, miles away from all those bluetooth-rfid-wifi-gps expensive and complicated applications.

Sticknwizz is a set of adhesive labels which you stick on your properties! On each label there is an anonymous code which you need to activate.

When someone finds an identified object, they only needs to type the code and their contact details (email address and/or phone number) on and the owner instantaneously receives an email and an sms with the finder’s contact details.

Then the owner contacts the finder and arranges the best way to get the lost object back.

It’s simply, easy and effective.

Sticknwizz was launched in 2008. Since then, more than 350,000 people have activated a set of labels and nearly 25,000 objects were found, including laptops, bags, passports, cameras, sports equipment, wallets – a cookbook and a priest’s miter!

Sticknwizz is simple, cheap and relies on people’s honesty. Almost 80% of lost and with Sticknwizz labels identified objects find their owner! Generally, owners are contacted within 24 or maximum 48 hours.

Sticknwizz is available in different models.

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