“Mr” Rama

Rama - Rickshaw driver Georgetown Penang

After a career spanning some 50 years as a Rickshaw driver in George Town,  Penang it is with huge sadness that we say farewell  to a good friend and a fantastic man, Rama, who has passed away after a short illness, he was 68.

Rightly proud of his Pinang heritage and ever boastful of his low rickshaw plate number, Number 30, both his encyclopaedic knowledge and stories of George Town were as addictive to me this year as they were all those years ago when we first met.

Known to many locals and tourists alike, Rama became a permanent fixture, and something of a minor celebrity, as the only rickshaw driver allowed to pitch outside the front of the 5-star Eastern & Oriental Hotel on Lebuh Farquhar. His rickshaw always shaded by an E & O branded umberella gifted to him by the hotel.

Mr Rama, rickshaw driver having lunch

Like many of us though, as the waistline got bigger the speed became slower and this multi-lingual raconteur decided that mornings were his forte, certainly not the all day peddling of years gone by.

The call of a cold lunchtime beer was, after all, a much more civilised environment to talk of times gone by than riding in the heat of the day.

So it is to those great times in our favourites on Jalan Penang, just shooting the breeze and watching the day go by, I say farewell.