Parking Newcastle airport

Newcastle Airport Parking

Newcastle Parking

Newcastle airport parking facilities are all on site and accessible from the A1 leading to the A696.

Newcastle International Airport offers a Meet and Greet service that is convenient, although it requires either booking online, or by telephone.

All of the parking lots at Newcastle offer parking bays for travelers with disabilities, though only the Express, short and medium term lots offer assistance to disabled passengers.

The Meet and Greet lot, dubbed ‘The Fast Track’ car park, is located only 30 meters from the main terminal and is the drop-off and pick-up site for vehicles. For those who wish to park themselves, Newcastle offers short, medium and long term lots as well.

The long stay lot is massive and quite a hike from the main terminal, although shuttle services run 24 hours from this lot. The pricing for the long term lot increases slightly per day unless your stay exceeds 18 days, then the rate increase is much greater.

The medium stay lot is an approximated 3 to 5 minute walk to the terminal and offers free parking for the first 15 minutes. If required, the 15 minutes can be extended if special assistance is requested for a person with disabilities.

Short term and Express parking are located much closer to the terminal. Only the Express lot boasts Special Assistance telephones for those in need of wheelchair assistance. The same service is available for the short term lot, though the request for assistance must be made when the flight is booked.

While most of the walkways are uncovered, Newcastle’s parking lots are secured by closed circuit cameras and regular security patrols.