Parking Luton Airport

Luton Airport Parking


Luton Airport Parking

Luton Airport London offers many parking options for those visiting the airport.

Long term parking is located just 10 minutes from the airport with 24/7 bus transportation. This is a great option for any length of stay and is the most economical.

Mid term parking is designed for those who will visit the airport for less than 60 minutes. The airport offers free drop off, free pick up and free parking with a 5 minute bus ride to the terminal.

Short term parking is for those who will be visiting the airport for 60 minutes or less, but would like to park a little closer than the mid term parking. There is a fee involved, but there is only a four minute walk to the terminal. Priority set down is available and is for drop off only. Cars cannot be left unattended and there is a two minute walk to the terminal.

The airport’s priority parking is our valet service. Just follow the signs to the priority parking area and just let the staff do the rest. They will park your car and lead you through a very painless check in and then you can quickly make your way to the terminal.

You do need to reserve this service because it does fill up quickly. In addition the the above services, the airport does offer services for handicapped passengers. Just let them know ahead of time what services you will be needing. They will look forward to serving you at Luton Airport.