Parking East Midlands

East Midland Airport Parking

East Midlands Parking East Midlands Airport offers a great choice of car parks and corresponding services.

East Midlands Airport is a small but busy regional airport, located in the beautiful country-side of Derby. It has a surprising number of parking options, unfortunately none of which include covered parking nor walkways.

First, and most expensive, is the VIP Meet and Greet valet service. You drop your car off right next to the terminal when you arrive and it will be there when you return. This service also includes five free Express Lane Tickets, which help you get through security lines faster.

The short-stay car park, and car parks 1 through 4 are walking distance from the terminal.

Car Park 6 and 7 are farther away, and thus much less expensive. Shuttle buses run every 10 minutes to the terminal, but give yourself extra time during peak hours in case of traffic.

Car park 6 offers free parking for up to 60 minutes as well as free transfer to the terminal.

Also offered is a car service, similar to the VIP Meet and Greet, but includes a 50 point inspection, and 15 days of free parking.

Off-site parking is available at East Midlands Airparks, just outside the entrance of the airport, only a 5 minute shuttle from the terminal. It operates 24 hours a day and has good value. You may also choose to stay at the East Midlands Hotel and park there