Parking Doncaster Robin Hood

Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport ParkingDoncaster Parking

At this airport parking facilities are most conveniently located right in front of the terminal building. There are over 2,500 parking spaces, well sufficient for an airport that size. It is only a short walk to the terminal, which is easily manageable, baggage and all. Drop off and pick up car parks are separate.

To access the parking area, go as far as the third roundabout of the airport’s communicating road. In the roundabout, it is the second junction. You will of course find signposts along the way. You take your ticket from the barrier on entry.

The parking area gives you the choice of regular parking, premium parking and platinum meet and greet, which is fully-fledged valet car parking.

The first fifteen minutes are free. By and large, parking charges are deemed reasonable. You pay through paystation machines on leaving the car park. Besides cash, they accept all major credit and debit cards, though no American Express.

To save money, book your parking space in advance. This is recommendable if you intend to leave your car for more than two days. You have to book 24 hours before departure.

You might need to park your own car when using Robin Hood airport, much more than at other airports, since direct connections through public transport are still somewhat lacking in convenience.

For short trips, parking may be cheaper than relying on a taxi.
On the site, there is 24/7 security.