Parking Cork Airport

Cork Airport ParkingCork Parking

With more than 4,600 lots, Cork Airport, Ireland, has extensive parking facilities available. All are operated by the airport authority, who provide a 24 hour parking service including security patrols and jump start assistance. A useful key-holding service at the Parking Service Desk is also available.

Furthermore, the Airport offers a multi-storey car park for shorter trips from visitors of the airport, or a long-term parking lot, known as P2, which is connected to the airport terminal by a walkway tunnel. There is also a second long term car park, P1, which is connected to a free Park’n’Ride bus.

Payment for parking is accepted by debit or credit card via automatic pay terminals on the ground floor of the multi-storey car park, as well as at the walkway tunnel entrance for P2. It is important not to lose the ticket, as otherwise one will have to pay the full 24 hour rate.

Passengers wanting to collect people have to use the short term car park, as, due to the high level of traffic in and around the airport, waiting outside the terminal building is prohibited. It is allowed to drop off passengers outside the terminal building, but it is important to notice that attended vehicles will be moved on and unattended vehicles are likely to be clamped.

Disabled drivers are entitled to use special lots in the multi-storey car park, if a valid handicapped ID is exhibited.