Norway Duty Free Allowances

Duty Free Allowances – Norway

Duty Free Allowances To NorwayHere is our guide to your duty free and tax paid allowances if travelling to Norway.These allowances apply to all travellers, tourists and residents but the amounts will vary depending on age, nationality and type of travel.

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Individual Allowances: Norwegian Residents.
These allowances are for residents of Norway who are returning after being overseas for less than 24 hours.

  • Total of 3000 NOK (Norwegian Krone) worth of goods in total. Alcohol and tobacco can be included within this provided that proof can be given that these items were purchased at a price including tax (so not duty free) in an EEA (European Economic Area) Member State.

Norwegian Residents & Tourists
These duty free allowances apply to residents of Norway who have been overseas for 24 hours or more and visitors to Norway.

  • Goods representing a total value of 6,000 Norwegian Krone, to include the allowances below.
  • Small amount of perfume/eau de cologne for your own personal use.
  • Medicines for your own personal use.
  • Tobacco: 200 cigarettes or 250 gms of rolling tobacco and 200 leaves of cigarette paper.
  • Alcohol: These are the individual allowances permitted:
    1 litre of spirits of 22% ABVor higher to a maximum of 60% ABV and 1.5 litres of alcohol of 2.5% up to and including 22% ABV
    3 litres of alcohol of up to and including 22% ABV and 2 litres of beer with more than 2.5% ABV up to and including a strength of 4.7.
    If bringing back beer only this means you aa maximum duty free allowance of 5 litres of beer if no other alcoholic beverages are imported.

Minimum ages for alcohol are 18 years except for alcoholic spirits over 22% ABV (alcohol by volume) where the minimum age is 20 years.

Please remember to check before you travel, as allowances do change often with little or no notice.