Nestle Sharing Range

Share with Nestlé

After a holiday or business trip, it’s usual to share souvenirs with family or friends… so why not share some chocolates too ! Nestlé offers a wide range of sharing bags of your favourite brands such as the KITKAT bag choc-full of 2 finger KITKATs or the NESTLE SWISS Chunks sharing bag, with delicious milk, hazelnut and white chocolate chunks. But we didn’t forget about those of you who just can’t choose and would prefer a mixture of brands in order to please the whole family. Here we have two fabulous solutions: the sharing mix containing KITKAT, SMARTIES, AERO, LION, ROLO or the new ADVENTURE MIX: a fun product that’s easy to spot on shelf with a mix of SMARTIES, MILKYBAR, LION and ANIMAL BAR. With Nestlé, you’re sure to find something delicious to share once you’re back home ! To find out more: –