Morocco Duty Free Allowances

Morocco Duty Free Allowances

Duty Free Allowances MoroccoHere is our guide to your duty free allowances for arriving travellers to Morocco.This applies to all visiting tourists and travellers to Morocco, officially the Kingdom of Morocco, that are of 17 years of age or older.Also see our shopping guide to Mohammed V Casablanca Airport

200 Cigarettes OR 25 Cigars OR 250 GMS of Rolling/Pipe Tobacco

1 litre of spirits + 1 litre of wine.

You are permitted 150 ml of perfume and 250 ml of eau de cologne.

Presents & Gifts
Gifts and presents are allowed to the total value of $250.00 (US Dollars) or 200 DH (Moroccan Dirham) MAD.

Personal Effects
Personal items such as clothes and clothing including sports equipment are allowed together with a mobile phone, laptop computer, radio and camera.
This allowance also covers personal musical equipment and bicycle/tandem. These items must be present and accompanied with you when you leave.

Prohibited Items Include
Arms and ammunition, drugs and narcotics, and any books, video or audio material containing “immoral, sexual or offensive” material.
So you have been warned !