Middle East Duty Free Allowance

copyrightWe have listed the most popular Customs links for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and some of the more popular travel destinations.

Whilst all the sites differ, all have the same broad format. Follow the link to the country you are visiting, choose the language button, the option “travel”, “duty free allowance”, “tax free purchases”.


Most are heavy slow loading sites – So be patient.

Prohibited Items and Effects:

Controlled substances such as cannabis, opium etc. are banned and the penalties for handling these drugs are severe.

The importation of firearms and dangerous weapons is also restricted

Religious propaganda, potentially offensive printed matter, CDs videos or films should not be brought into the country.

Pirated video and audiotapes or illegal computer software will be confiscated.

Direct Customs Bureau Links
• Abu Dhabi Customs: http://www.auhcustoms.gov.ae/Customs/Travelers/
• Bahrain Customs: http://www.bahraincustoms.gov.bh/customs/en/
• Dubai Customs: http://www.dxbcustoms.gov.ae/Content/CustomerCare/FAQ
• Fujairah Customs: http://www.fujairahcustoms.gov.ae/
• Iran: Iranian Customs: http://www.irica.gov.ir/
• Kuwait Customs: http://www.e.gov.kw/sites/KGoEnglish/Portal/Pages/visitors.aspx
• Oman Customs: http://www.rop.gov.om/english/dg_customs.asp
• Saudi Arabia: http://www.saudia-online.com/Travelling%20to%20Saudi%20Arabia.htm
• Sharjah Customs: http://www.sharjahcustoms.gov.ae/
• Qatar: http://english.mofa.gov.qa/
Visa Applications

For those that need to apply for a visa prior to entry, the above links can also be used to navigate to the relevant countries visa application sections.

Other Duty Free Allowances in detail

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