Mexico Duty Free Allowances

Mexican Duty Free Allowances

Duty Free Allowances to MexicoMexico, like most countries allow tourists, travellers and returning residents an allowance for duty free shopping that can be brought into the country free of taxes and duties.One further advantage here is that you can now purchase your duty free on arrival at all the major Mexican airports.Please remember that the alcohol and tobacco allowances are only available to those of 18 years of age or over.

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Personal Duty Free Allowance Limits

  • Tobacco: 400 cigarettes OR 50 cigars OR 250 grammes of pipe tobacco.
  • Alcohol: 3 litres of wine or liquor.
  • You are allowed a reasonable amount of both eau de cologne and perfume for your own personal use and the quantities must reflect the length of your stay in Mexico.
  • Photograhic equipment: 1 camera/video camera for tourists, and one additional camera for returning/residing Mexican residents.
  • Gifts and presents to the value of $300 (three hundred) US Dollars.