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We can’t go anywhere without bags, especially when we’re travelling and especially if we’re female! However light you reckon you travel, chances are you’ll still be in possession of more than a carrier bag when you catch the plane or board the boat. From backpacks to business cases, handbags to sports bags, Americans alone spend over $22bn on ‘travel bags’ every year • and what better place to purchase yet another one is whilst on the move!

Whether you’re flying to Hong Kong on business or to the Costa de Sol on holiday, these days we have more and more ‘stuff’ to carry apart from clothes: Ipods, mobiles, BlackBerrys, laptops • they all need to go somewhere in your hand luggage.

Manufacturers are responding with an ever increasing choice of specifically designed travel bags with pockets and zipped interiors galore to keep your items safe without you feeling like you’re lugging a safe around! Size of handluggage is increasingly important on airlines and although some (especially low cost carriers) are now more flexible on weight, what you take onboard has to fit into a certain area. Again, this is being reflected in the designs on offer and, if you’re looking for extra luggage space, then the airport is a good place to find just what you need.

Versatile, functional and light, yet at the same time chic, stylish and modern • these are the watchwords of many luggage and leathergoods companies today. Most airports have specialist travel luggage stores airside and landside, but if you want to splash out on a designer name you’ll be spoilt for choice with a growing number of boutiques and corners appearing in airports globally such as Bally, Coach, Gucci, Furla, MCM, Mulberry, Loewe, Longchamp, and Smythson.

copyrightLuggage is vital, but handbags remain the travel goods industry’s best seller. Women just can’t get enough of them and larger international airports today will offer as good a choice as any city department store with prices to suit all budgets and styles ranging from classic luxury to chic and trendy to fun and funky. If you can’t afford a handbag or briefcase, why not treat yourself to something smaller. Purses, wallets, keyrings are all readily available (make sure you buy a wallet for the right denomination of notes!) and give you the chance of owning something really special for a more affordable price.

The range of luggage and leathergoods at airports does vary from airport to airport • Narita 5th Avenue at Tokyo, for example, offers an incredible array of designer boutiques and the Far East in general is a fabulous region for finding top names and competitive prices. There are some brands that you won’t find in travel retail, such as Louis Vuitton, and others (such as Chanel) which are very selective about where they are distributed. But as new airport terminals open with ever improving retail shopping areas, you’ll find an ever greater percentage of space is given over to non traditional products such as fashion, accessories, luggage and leathergoods.

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