Lao Duty Free Allowances

Laos Duty Free Allowances

Laos Duty Free AllowancesHere is our duty free allowance guide to those travellers visiting Lao People’s Democratic Republic.These duty free allowances apply to those arriving via an international airport, or any border crossing.Full entitlement maybe claimed by those of 16 years of age or older, and include any items purchased at arrivals duty free stores.

Children have no allowances for alcohol and tobacco.

1 Litre of spirits and 2 Litres of wine.
Either 200 Cigarettes OR 50 Cigars OR 250 GMS of rolling tobacco.
250 ML of eau de toilette and 50 GMS of perfume.
Electronic Equipment
The following electronic items and equipment are allowed, but must be used. i.e.. Not new or boxed.
These must be for your own personal use, and not for re-sale.
1 used camera OR video camera.
1 cassette recorder.
1 portable radio.
Personal Effects
In addition to personal clothes and private possetions, including jewellery you are permitted to bring camping and sporting equipment, and for parents with small children a child’s buggy.
Each arriving tourist is further allowed what Lao Customs describe as “used hand carried equipment, including tools for the use of a traveller.”
Gifts and Presents
These are allowed up to the total value of $50.00 (Fifty) USD.

Primary Lao International Airports
Wattay International Airport (VTE) for Vientiane.
Luang Prabang International Airport (LPQ).
Pakse International Airport (PKZ).