Kit Kat

Taking a break? Grab a KIT KAT!

KIT KAT is the world’s favourite break… and did you know that in airports and on ferries around the world you can buy this worldwide best seller in formats that you just can’t find on the High Street?

From snacking and sharing packs for you to enjoy whilst travelling, to unique gift packs to take home for friends and family, KIT KAT and KIT KAT Chunky is a ‘must include’ on your travel shoppng list.

At KIT KAT we’re proud of our English heritage. To highlight where we’re from, we’ve introduced a brand new Origins Gift Box in milk and dark varieties. Each box contains 14 KIT KATS and features well known English trademarks such as the London Bus, Big Ben and the UK flag. It’s a great gift item to take home and offer typical English breaks to your friends and family.

Look out too for smart new packaging for Kit Kat Chunky, including a new six pack of mixed flavours (Caramel, White and Milk), including new Hazelnut. Like the Origins box, this is exclusive to travel retail and not available on the High Street.

For snacking and sharing on the go, KIT KAT is a great choice • from the new Singles Pack containing 12 individually wrapped finger wafers at just 80 calories each, to 217g snacking bags of mini wrapped KIT KATs, we’ve got it all wrapped up!

More about KIT KAT. Did you know that when it was first introduced back in 1935, KIT KAT was called Chocolate Crisp • an accurate description but not very exciting! Shortly afterwards the name was changed to KIT KAT after the KITKAT Club • an 18th Century Whig Literary club, so called because it could only display wide paintings known as ‘kitkats’, whose tops were snapped off to fit the clubs low ceilings.

With its vibrant red pack, delicious taste, crispy texture and unique personality, KIT KAT has become a worldwide best seller with over 13 billion fingers sold worldwide every year. Since the original two and four finger milk chocolate bars, there have been various additions including the highly popular Chunky plus flavours including dark, white, orange, peanut butter and new Caramel.

Today you can buy Minis, as well as KIT KAT Pop Choc • bite sized pieces • and in certain parts of the world you’ll find other alternatives, such as a three-finger pack in the Middle East and a giant finger in Japan.

Whichever format is your favourite, make sure KIT KAT is on your shopping list next time you travel.

2010 also saw the 75th anniversary of Kit Kat