Israel Duty Free Allowances

Israel Duty Free Allowances

Israeli Duty Free AllowancesArriving passengers, travellers and tourists to Israel are permitted bring with them the following items free of duty and taxes.These duty free allowances are per individual, may not be combined and are subject to age.

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(18 years of age or older)
1 litre of alcoholic spirit + 2 litres of wine.

(18 years of age or older)
250 grams per passenger.

250 ml of perfume or eau de toilette.

Personal Effects
Personal clothing and toiletries are permitted. Jewellery, camera, laptop computer and personal sports equipment are also allowed but must be used. If any item is new it must be declared.

Gifts & Presents
(Aged 2 or over)
Presents and gifts up to the value of $200 (two hundred US dollars) are permitted.

This is a brief guide only. Please remember to check before you travel as allowances do change, sometimes with little or no notice.