Hawaiian Host

Hawaiian Host

It was more than 40 years ago that Mamoru Takitani created a magical recipe for chocolate-dipped macadamia nuts on his home island of Maui, Hawaii. He purchased Ellen Dye Candies, a local confectioner since 1927, and renamed the company Hawaiian Host. Soon the rich, creamy flavour of his chocolate macadamias were being enjoyed all over the islands. Visitors discovered they were the perfect gift to take back home and over the years the basic recipe was used to create a whole range of differently delicious variations. The quality of chocolate used, combined with that traditional recipe, has left its competitors baffled! No other company can quite match up to Hawaiian Host; no wonder then that it’s the number one selling chocolate covered macadamia nut in Hawaii!

But you don’t have to be visiting Hawaii to enjoy these delicately dry roasted macadamia nuts, covered with rich milk (or dark) chocolate. The Hawaiian Host brand can now be found at many international airports and at several US/Canadian border crossings. So what’s your favourite?

The classic Tiki box featuring premium whole and half macadamias are selected by hand and covered with that special blend of rich chocolate, is an all time favourite with travellers worldwide. They’re available as an 8oz or 16oz box and now come in dark and white chocolate versions, as well as the original creamy milk.

And if you just can’t choose then it’s no problem because our super Jewel Collection features an assortment of 15 favourites -chocolate covered macadamias and almonds, dark chocolate covered macadamias, Maui Caramacs, and MacNut Crunch.

Also available are Premium Roasted Macadamia Nuts • lightly salted, delicious honey glazed, and new onion and garlic – for those who prefer the taste of our premium Macadamia Nuts unadorned.

Hawaiian Host: Genuine, Classic, Original.

It truly is Hawaii’s Gift to the World.

You can purchase Hawaiian Host when you’re travelling at airports including:

  • The Cocoa Trees, Changi Airport, Singapore.
  • Lotte Duty Free and KNTO, Incheon Airport, Seoul, Korea
  • Eraman, KL Airport, Malaysia
  • King Power Duty Free, Bangkok International Airport
  • DFS, Ho Chi Ming Airport, Vietnam.
  • JFK, Newark, Tampa, Atlanta, Washington DC, Denver, Las Vegas, Detroit, Quebec airport shops