Glenfiddich • The most awarded single malt Scotch whisky in the world

Duty Free Glenfiddich - Duty Free Award Winning Single Malt Glenfiddich WhiskyGlenfiddich is the most awarded single malt Scotch whisky in the world. From the fragrant, complex 12 Year Old and the richly layered 15 Year Old to the exceptional 21 Year Old and exquisite 30 Year Old • along with our rare and reserve Whiskies, such as Rich Oak and Snow Phoenix, it’s no wonder that Glenfiddich is a most popular choice with international travellers.

At Glenfiddich, we think travellers are pretty special and very close to our hearts. After all, it was the pioneering spirit of our founder • William Grant • who, in the summer of 1886 set out to fulfil a lifelong ambition of creating the ‘best dram in the valley’.

With the help of his seven sons and two daughters, William built his distillery in a single year. Their hard work was rewarded on Christmas Day 1887 when the first drop of spirit flowed from the small copper pot stills. William named his distillery Glenfiddich, Gaelic for ‘Valley of the Deer’.

Over 120 years later, Glenfiddich is one of the few single malt distilleries to remain entirely family owned and our whisky has become the world’s most awarded single malt, a true reflection of the passion, integrity and innovative spirit that have been passed down through the generations.

Because we believe travellers are as unique as our whiskies, we’re keen to present you with sampling and purchasing experiences and opportunities at airports internationally, including special gift presentations, exclusive expressions • look out for Age of Discovery which hits the shelves from March and Private Vintage Reserves.

If you’re travelling through Heathrow Terminal 5, Frankfurt Terminal 1B, Schengen, or Dubai T3, look out for our rather incredible Glenfiddich Crystal Stag Gondola • the latest incarnation of Glenfiddich’s pioneering spirit.

You can’t miss it. Dramatic and innovative, the Glenfiddich Crystal Stag Gondola sees a 24% lead crystal stag’s heads sitting atop a glass teardrop on a copper and oak helix. It represents all of the craft and skill that goes into producing every bottle of Glenfiddich – the Robbie Dhu spring water, the copper stills, the magnificent oak that makes the casks. The “teardrop” shape was inspired by the stag • the symbol of the Glenfiddich brand • which marks its territory by allowing a single tear to fall to the ground. From here you can select your preferred Glenfiddich Single Malt, in the knowledge that you are guaranteed a most special ‘dram’.

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