Duty Free Gifts, Toys and Presents ….

duty free toys, gifts and presents.Travel and gift giving go hand in hand. Whether you want to buy a thank you, missed you, love you or best buddies present, you’ll find an increasing variety of choices at airports today while inflight and onboard, gift items are always available.If traditional spirits, tobacco, fragrances, fashion and confectionery don’t meet your needs, there are plenty of alternatives. Soft toys, games and books for children can now be found in most international airports; look out for exclusive items and promotional offers that represent excellent value compared to high street prices.

The perennial favourite inflight • the pilot bear • is still readily available, along with plenty of other loveable cuddlies that you won’t find on the High Street. In the Middle East you’ll find all sorts of crazy gadgets and gizmos under the Wizz brand name that will appeal not just to kids but fun loving teenagers and adults as well.

Souvenirs are always worth looking out for; whether it’s a camel from Abu Dhabi, a London taxi from Heathrow, a Maori drawing from Sydney, a photographic book of Colorado from Denver, or a tuk tuk model from Bangkok, each represents a special memory that will stay with you forever. Don’t expect a bargain compared to local markets where souvenirs are ten-a-penny, but buying at the airport, inflight or onboard does give you a quality guarantee at a reasonable price.

You’ll also find specialist stores at the airport that you just don’t get the chance to visit under normal circumstances. There’s only one Harrods store, but you’ll find mini-Harrods outlets at a growing number of airports including London Gatwick and Heathrow, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Hamburg.

China and glass, pens and writing instruments, books and artists sets, food gifts (make sure you can import them), travel games and neck cushions……the list is endless, the choice is yours.

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