Duty Free Skincare

Duty Free Skincare - Tax Free MoisturiserSkincare – Prepare to be pampered

Skincare is a growing part of the beauty department at airports. Brands have become more and more creative with their skincare offers and will advertise all kinds of free services and pampering • all designed to have a positive impact on their sales.

One crucial aspect of skincare is that, unlike fragrances, it remains a category where consumer loyalty to specific brands is still very apparent. It is generally difficult to persuade a woman who has been using certain Lancôme or Clarins products for example, to suddenly switch to another brand like Esteé Lauder or Shiseido. But it’s not impossible! A relaxing hand or face massage from a brand beauty rep at the airport, along with a gift with purchase to tempt you to buy a large jar of facial moisturiser or night cream, might be enough to test that loyalty. This is especially true in the airport environment where you, the consumer, are in holiday mode and excited and willing to be a bit daring and adventurous. So be careful… before you know it you may be walking out the door with £100+ pots of La Prairie, Sisley and La Mer.

If you have time on your hands it is worth getting a pampering session if it’s on offer. Short massages and even mini-facials are often free and are a good way to test a new brand that you are interested in trying. The airport is also awash with new and expanding segments in skincare such as anti-aging products, non-invasive lifting products and organic/natural brands such as Jurlique, Amala and Dr Hauscka, reflecting the changing face of the skincare business. Some brands such as Kiehl’s and Origins even have their own stores, or large shop-in-shops that offer passengers a total brand experience, ideal if you are a fan already, and also a way to entice new customers.You will also find handy skincare kits containing smaller versions of your routine regime products which are ideal for holidays and travelling in general. The big beauty houses are also well aware of the 100ml restrictions onboard aircraft and have put together kits with this in mind. Generally there are not that many products over 100ml these days; perhaps some toners and cleansing products.

Another important consideration is price, especially at the high end. You may find that you can bag a real bargain at airports because most stores are usually offering prices that are at least free of the VAT found in the departing country. So for brands that strictly maintain recommended pricing such as La Prairie and La Mer, it is worth checking in the local market and then online for the airport prices, or even for the in-flight prices on the airline you are flying with so that you know what saving you might get. If you are paying over £100 for a cream, a £20 saving is not to be sniffed at!Check out our quick guides on …

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