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Jet Lag Solution?

Duty Free HealthSuffer from Jet Lag? Is flying your worst health nightmare? Well here’s an idea that might just work for you. Last year a herbal jet lag remedy – FlyRight Jet Lag Formula • hit the market. It’s a liquid that you sip (putting drops into water) at regular intervals before, during and after a flight. Made from 100% natural, organic herbs, it is designed to help travellers adjust to new time zones, avoid jet lag, and also protects from airborne pathogens that make you sick two days after you land!

But, to be honest, it tastes horrible and taking it is a trial in itself – for some, Jet lag seems a better option! Those who can last the course, though, have been full of praise. But there’s good news for the rest of us. FlyRight Jet Lag Formula is being launched in a new capsule form for all us no-backbone travellers.

FlyRight Jet Lag Formula has been developed by California-based licensed herbalist Ted Ray and is already widely available throughout the US. Ray admits that ‘not everyone was a fan of the taste’. So they’ve spent over a year developing an easy to swallow capsule version.

The formula is made from the same herbs as the original and each pack will contain 16 liquid filled capsules • enough for a one way long haul flight (or shorter round trip).

Carrying a suggested retail price of US$19.95, the original liquid formula is available in various airport locations in the US already including Chicago O’Hare (through Liberty Duty Free). Miami International and San Francisco.The company is hopeful of expanding distribution throughout both the Americas and beyond into airports internationally. Ray is also talking to several airlines about using it for crew, so if successful the product may start appearing inflight…..the more you ask for it, the more carriers are likely to list it!

If you can’t wait to find it in travel retail, you can purchase online at www.jetlagformula.com and via Amazon.com.
March 2009.