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Duty Free Colour Cosmetics The colour cosmetics business has really taken off in airports. Brands like MAC have spearheaded the move to make eye, lip and face colour a much more vibrant part of the beauty offer through standalone units or large corners like those seen at Munich and Dubai airports.MAC, along with established competitors such as YSL, Dior and Lancôme, as well as newer arrivals like Smashbox, particularly in US airports, and Benefit, are placing much more focus on interacting with passengers. Makeovers are commonplace and give you the chance to get your ‘look’ touched up before you get on the plane, after the ordeal of check-in and queuing at security. Or, if you are more daring, you can put your trust in the brand make-up artists in the store and try a different colour look and see how your co-passengers and travelling companions respond!

Colour CosmeticsWith the recent economic downturn there has been a revival in sales from less pricey brands such as Revlon and even Maybelline has entered the market. Bourjois has developed a new range of exclusive sets for travel retail, with prices starting at under £20 and all offering at least a 20% discount off UK high street prices. The Body Shop too is making a fresh assault on the main duty-free shop with newly developed sets so if your purse can’t stretch to the high-end brands, there is a wide choice on offer at other price levels.Even specialist ethnic make-up counters can be found at some airports such as Paris Charles de Gaulle and Orly from brands like Black Up. At the same time, seasonal colours have become much more daring and now span many racial complexions which mean that colour choices at the airport are the best they have even been. Colour turnover is also very regular today so that, unless you travel very frequently, every time you go through the airport chances are you will see a new-season colour look from the key brands; MAC in particular.Some brands also have on-site computer equipment available so you can ‘try’ new colours on-screen, and see what you think of the result without having to apply it, a good way to speed up your decision-making when time is tight.

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