Duty Free for Kids

Kid Alert!Duty Free for Kids

Long journey ahead with the kids? Or looking for the perfect gift to take home for little ‘Mary’ or ‘Johnny’? Airports, airlines and ferries are offering an increasingly good selection of toy and games for children these days, many with educational as well as fun attractions.

Plus, don’t forget that kids are becoming more fashion conscious by the day and want to look just as ‘cool’ on the beach as you do! There are also plenty of choices from well known brands which are exclusive to travel retail; that means you can’t buy them anywhere else!

We love the Just range of plush toys, bags and keyrings that are soooooo cute and cuddly…and only available in airports and inflight. There are some great characters including Toffee Bear, Quacks Duck, Ticklers Tiger, Scratch Cat, Mickey Monkey, Humphrey Camel, Lenny Lion and Ollie Octopus. Keyring and watch sets are available on selected airlines; a great gift for kids.

For older kids, electronic games are always a winner and there’s no better brand than Gamze! Whether you want to test your car or soccer skills, Sudoku talents or just get the young (or old) brain…Gamze are always a great investment.

For modern, fashion conscious misses, look out for Hello Kitty, Bratz, High School Musical and Barbie sunglasses. For trendy Timothy’s there are Spiderman sunglasses or look out for Walkie Talkie Watches • a great set of two watches with interchangeable black and silver covers and a unique hidden microphone that means friends can chat up to 100ft apart.

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