Abu Dhabi Duty Free Allowances

AUH Duty Free Allowances | Abu Dhabi Duty Free Allowances

Abu Dhabi Duty Free Allowances

Duty Free Allowances: Abu Dhabi (AUH)
Currency: Dirham (AED)
Local Time: GMT+4
International Dialling Code: +971
Area Code: 2
Banking Hours: Closed Fridays

Duty-free allowances for tourists and visitors to Abu Dhabi.

“Make sure that you are aware of the contents of your luggage and ensure that no-one has been able to tamper with it. You will be held personally liable for any contraband or illicit goods found on your person or in your luggage.”

  • Gifts, including perfume, up to the value of AED 3000.
  • Cigarettes and Cigars: 400.
  • Rolling Tobacco: Up to 2 kilos. This does not include chewing tobacco or snuffing tobacco.
  • Alcohol: 4 Litres of alcohol are allowed.
  • Currency: You may bring in cash, foreign currency and travellers cheques up to AED 40000. Amounts over this limit must be declared to Customs on arrival.

Arrivals by vehicle
If you are entering Abu Dhabi as a tourist or foreign visitor in a vehicle, the above duty free allowances will apply. However, you will need and must present these documents in addition to your passport.
1. Registration document for the vehicle.
2. Driver’s license as well as the a valid Passport for the driver.
3. Declare the contents of the vehicle including foreign currency.

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Duty free rules and Customs regulations are subject to change with little or no prior notice. Please check before you travel http://www.auhcustoms.gov.ae/ar/index.aspx

Bahrain Duty Free Allowances

Duty free allowances and exemptions for travel to the Kingdom of Bahrain

Bahrain Duty Free Allowances

Bahrain Duty Free AllowancesHere is our guide to your duty free allowances for arriving travellers and tourists to Bahrain, officially the Kingdom of Bahrain.

For air passengers, the main point of arrival is Bahrain International Airport (BAH) the primary hub for both Gulf Air and Bahrain Air.

For additional information on tax and duty free shopping, see our guide to Shopping at Bahrain International Airport

Full allowances are for adult passengers of 18 years of age or older.

1 litre of alcoholic spirit + 6 cans of beer/lager per non-Muslim adult.
Tobacco Products
400 Cigarettes + 50 Cigars + 250 GMS of rolling tobacco.
8 fl oz (236 ml) of perfume.
Gifts & Presents
The total duty free allowance may not exceed BD 250. (Bahraini Dinar) or BHD.
Personal Effects
Passengers personal and private effects, including their computer, mobile phone, personal sports equipment, camera and video recorder in addition to a childs buggy are also free from duties and taxes.
Personal reading material – books, magazines are permitted but the contents must not contain indecency or immorality or contradict Islamic teachings.

Duty free allowances may change, sometimes with little or no notice, so please remember to check before you travel

External reading:
Official Bahrain Customs: http://www.bahraincustoms.gov.bh/

Visa for Bahrain ?

For those requiring a visa for Bahrain, the process has been made quick and efficient.

If you need to check if you need one or wish to apply, please follow this link to the official Bahrani government website: http://www.evisa.gov.bh/

Singapore Airlines Duty Free

Singapore Airlines Inflight, Pre-Order & Home Delivery Duty Free Sky Shopping

Singapore Airlines Inflight Duty Free Shopping

Singapore Airlines Onboard Duty FreeIf you don’t want to do a job yourself, call in an expert. This is what Singapore Airlines has done with its inflight duty-free business, outsourcing it to a specialist retailer. It was a good decision. The airline’s Krisshop duty-free brochure and pre-order website, www.krisshopair.com, are both well put-together with a welcome focus on exclusive products, promotions and gifts.

Let’s start with that website. Singapore Airlines does offer an online pre-order service. Payment has to be made with a credit card and all orders must be made at least three days before your flight is due for departure.

Singapore Airlines sells an extensive range of mail order goods online. The selection includes luggage from Samsonite and Rimowa; glassware from Riedel and Vinum, as well as electronics from Sennheiser (headphones), Fujifilm (cameras) and Toshiba (tablets). There are also some Singapore Airlines branded shoulder bags.

Note that the mail order prices quoted on www.krisshopair.com do not include shipping costs, which will vary from country to country. Similarly, Customs duties and import charges will also apply, which will also bump up prices considerably. On a more positive note, members of Singapore Airlines’ premium frequent flyers’ programme (The PPS Club) get a 10% discount on all mail orders.

Let’s return our focus to the main attraction: the in-flight shopping assortment. Beauty gets top billing in the Krisshop magazine and as you’d expect, all the latest fragrances are there, plus all manner of anti-wrinkle creams and skin brightening treatments. Brands stocked include Estée Lauder, La Prairie, Shisheido, Bobbi Brown, Dior, Chloé and Dolce & Gabbana to name but a few.
The jewellery selection is relatively inexpensive with several small, attractive pieces, which would make ideal gifts for teenage daughters, friends and relatives. Examples include the Swarovski Hello Kitty Mini Pendant (S$175/£91.50), the Miss Crislu Necklace and Bracelet Set (S$98/£51) and the Thomas Sabo Bow Necklace (S$168/£88). For something rather more grown up and perfect for an elegant evening out, try the Toscow white gold and diamond Tahitian pearl necklace at S$450 (£235).

Let’s not forget the guys, of course. Great gifts for men include cool Ray-Ban Oversized Aviator sunglasses (S$262/£137) to achieve that cool 1980s, Top Gun-look, and the simply stylish, but also beautifully made Montblanc Meisterstück Wallet (S$308/£161). For something a little bit less expensive, why not opt for the handy Lifetrons High Tech Multi Tool Adapter (S$58/£30), which will synch most mobile technology platforms in the marketplace?

In-flight duty-free liquor selections tend to be rather limited. There just isn’t the space in the duty-free trolleys to carry lots of bottles. However, Singapore Airlines is quite unusual in stocking a fairly wide range, which encompasses everything from Krug Vintage 2000 Champagne (S$314) and Vice Vodka Icewine (S$49/£25.50) to Jack Daniel’s (S$38/£20) and Hennessy XO (S$243/£127).

Our pick of the bunch is the new Johnnie Walker Explorers’ Cub Collection ��?” The Gold Route. It’s smooth and mellow with lots of dried fruit and sandalwood and leather notes on the palate. Priced at S$118 (£62), Johnnie Walker Explorers’ Cub Collection ��?” The Gold Route is not available in any domestic market, which is another good reason to buy a bottle.
What could Singapore Airlines do better? Well, there aren’t enough products targeted at younger travellers who are notoriously difficult to keep amused on long-haul flights. The only exceptions are some Singapore Airline-branded bears (S$63/£33) and a Nübyplane Hipsack (S$25/£13), which does at least contain some paper and colouring pencils. There could also be some Singapore-themed gifts, but the lack of souvenirs is something many other inflight shopping offers lack.


• Online pre-order service available
• Good selection of fragrances and cosmetics
• Excellent wine and spirit assortment


• Lack of children’s products
• Not enough souvenirs

Cuba Duty Free Allowances

Duty Free Allowances For Travel To Cuba | Cuba Duty Free Rules

Duty Free Allowances – Cuba

Cuba Duty Rules Free Cuban customs allow all passengers and tourists a duty free allowance on personal belongings and products for their own use.Personal effects are deemed as those items which the visitor may need during their trip based on the duration and purpose of their stay. For those over the age of 18, this also extends to include tobacco and alcohol.
Individual Allowances:

  • Tobacco: 400 Cigarettes OR 50 Cigars OR 500 gms of pipe/rolling tobacco.
  • Alcohol: Up to 2.5 litres of alcoholic spirits.
  • Medicines: Up to 10 kg of medicines for personal use only, which must be in original packaging.
  • Electrical items: Camera, video camera, CD player, laptop computer and mobile phone.
  • Jewellery for personal use.
  • Clothes, shoes and personal possetions including toileteries.
  • Personal books, literature and reading material.
  • Currency in excess of 5000 USD (or equivalent currency) must be declared on a Customs Declaration.

For children under 10 years of age – baby chairs, crib, stroller and two items of toys are also allowed.

Main arrival international airports are: Juan Gualberto Gómez Airport (VRA) for Varadero. and José Martí International Airport (HAV) for Havana.

For those wishing to export and take home Cuban cigars, please see our new updated guide. Cuban Cigar Rules

For additional information please refer to the Cuban government site: http://www.aduana.co.cu/

Please check before you travel, as rules and allowances do change with little or no notice.

Hong Kong Macau China Duty Free Allowances

Duty Free Allowances Hong Kong – Macau – China

Hong Kong: Macau: Peoples Republic of China Duty Free Allowance Summary

The following are summaries of the duty free allowances for travellers visting China (PRC), Macau and Hong Kong.While both Macau and Hong Kong are Special Administrative Regions of the Peoples Republic of China they both have their own Customs policies, regulations and allowances. Travelling between them is deemed as International travel and so is subject to immigration proceedures and customs checks.

Hong Kong Duty Free Allowance Summary

Duty Free Allowance Hong Kong - Duty Free Allowance Macau - Duty Free Allowance Hong KongHong Kong Duty FreeWith effect from August 2010, travellers and visitors over 18 years of age entering HK, are allowed 1 litre of alcoholic liquor/spirit with an alcoholic strength above 30% by volume and 19 cigarettes or 1 cigar or 25 grammes of other manufactured tobacco. In addition 250 ml of eau de toilette and 60ml of perfume. There are no restrictions on currency and cameras, and you are allowed to bring in a reasonable amount of film and personal gifts.These rules and allowances change if the traveller holds a Hong Kong Identity Card. To qualify for their duty free allowance they need to have spent 24 hours or longer outside Hong Kong.Hong Kong operates a “Red”(items to declare) and “Green”(nothing to declare) channel system on arrival. If you are carrying in excess of your allowance it is better to declare the excess rather than face prosecution.

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Peoples Republic of China Duty Free Allowance Summary

Duty Free Allowance Hong Kong - Duty Free Allowance Macau - Duty Free Allowance Hong Kong (1)China (PRC) Duty FreeFor travel to mainland China when your stay is less than 6 months your duty free allowance is:

  • 400 cigarettes
  • Two bottles (up to 75cl each) of alcoholic.
  • A reasonable amount of perfume for personal use.
  • 50g of gold or silver.
  • Personal effects for your own use are duty free.
  • Gifts and presents must be declared.

For stays in excess of 6 months these allowances rise to: 600 Cigarettes and 4 x 75cl bottles of spirits.

Please also make sure you complete a passenger luggage declaration form on arrival. Ensure that you list all valuables eg. jewellery, cameras, watches and anything else of value as this must be presented and checked on departure.

Keep ALL receipts for valuable items and effects you buy while in China so you can obtain your export certificate from the authorities when you leave.

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Macau Duty Free Allowance Macau Duty Free Allowance Summary

Macau Duty FreeVisitors to Macau may bring in duty and tax free items to the value of 10,000 MOP (Macau Pataca) – as a guide this is the equivalent to $1240 (USD) or €900 (Euros) or £780 (GBP Sterling). Personal duty free allowances on the following are: 19 cigarettes or 1 cigar or 25 grammes of other manufactured tobacco.
1 litre of spirits (exceeding 30% abv)
1 litre of wine (not exceeding 30% abv)
Clothes, jewelery, sports equipment and 1 personal computer for private use.Other items are not restricted nor subject to import duties, providing they are in reasonable quantities and for personal use only.

Macau has no export duties and so any gifts or presents purchased will not be subject to tax.

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Gulf Arab States Duty Free Allowances

Duty Free Travel Allowances: Iran, Iraq & Gulf States

Gulf Arab States Duty Free Allowances

Duty Free Allowances For Gulf StatesHere are our summary guides to the duty free allowances permitted to arriving travellers and tourists when visiting countries within and bordering on the Persian/Arabian Gulf.For visa related and inter country visits Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are the current six comprising the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, and we include Iran and Iraq as geographically part of this region.

Gulf States Duty Free AllowancesPlease click the link, below, on the country you are visiting for you individual personal tax and duty free allowances.

Please remember to check before you travel. Duty free rules, regulations and tariffs may change with little or no notice

Greece Duty Free Allowances

Greek Duty Free Allowances | Greece Duty Free

Duty Free Allowances – Greece ….

Duty Free Travel Allowances GreeceAll travellers, visitors and tourists to Greece are allowed a duty free allowance on goods they bring in with them.The amount of goods allowed will depend on where you are arriving from:

  • Arriving with goods purchased within the EU (European Union)
  • Arriving from outside the EU.

Arriving from within the European Union
These rules apply to all persons over the age of 17, and must be for your own personal use.

  • Tobacco: Either 800 cigarettes, or 200 cigars, or 400 cigarillos, or 1kg of rolling/pipe/cigarette tobacco.
  • Alcohol: 10 litres of spirits over 22% abv, or 20 litres which have an alcohol content of less than 22%, or 90 litres of wine, or 110 litres of beer.
  • Perfume: There is no limit, but must be a reasonable amount for your own personal use.
  • Medicine: Again, there is no limit on medicines provided they are for your own personal use. You are advised to have them within their original packaging.

Arriving from outside the EU
Again this applies to travellers and tourists over the age of 17.

  • Tobacco: 200 cigarettes, or 50 cigars, or 100 cigarillos, or 250 grams of tobacco.
  • Alcohol: 1 litre of spirits over 22% abv, or 2 litres of spirits under 22% abv. In addition you are allowed 4 litres of wine and 16 litres of beer.
  • Medicines: No limit, but these must be for your own personal use.

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Ghana Duty Free Allowances

Arriving Passengers Duty Free Allowances Ghana

Ghana Duty Free Allowances

Ghana Duty FreeThe following duty free allowances apply to all arriving passengers visiting Ghana.Allowances apply to all land borders, sea ports and Kotoka International Airport (ACC) serving the capital, Accra.This guide applies to visitors and tourist with accompanied baggage only.

1 bottle not exceeding 750ml.
A total weight not exceeding 0.5 kg (500 grams) of cigarettes, cigars or tobacco, or a combination of.
Personal Effects
Personal effect for your own use including clothes are permitted.
Eau de tilette and perfumes not exceeding 375ml in total.
Electrical & Photographic Equipment
Electronic items including cameras for passengers own personal use are permitted provided they have been used and are at least 6 months old.
Presents & Gifts
We understand that currently all gifts and presents are taxable.Please always check before you travel as duty free regulations sometimes change without notice.

Gambia Duty Free Allowances

Duty Free Allowances to The Gambia | Gambia Duty Free

The Gambia Duty Free Allowances

Gambia Duty Free AllowancesFor those arriving tourists, passengers and visitors to the Republic of the Gambia here is our updated guide to your duty free allowances and regulations.Allowances apply to all those over the age of 18 years and apply at all border crossings, the Port of Banjul and Yundum International Airport (BJL) more commonly referred to as Banjul International Airport.

200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco (or a mixture of each providing the total does not exceed 250 grams)
I litre of alcoholic spirit and either 1 litre of beer OR wine.
Up to 284 ml of perfume or eau de toilette.
Personal Effects
Personal items of the type normally expected to accompany a traveller are permitted up to the value of D1000.00 (One Thousand Gambian Dalasi). Members of the same family travelling together may pool this allowance provided that no one single article exceeds One Thousand Gambian Dalasi in value.
Presents and Gilfts
There is no allowance available on gifts and presents.
There are no restrictions on the amount of local or foreign currency you can bring in provided that it does not exceed the amount you have on departure.Please remember that allowances and exemptions do change so always check before you travel

EU Duty Free Allowances

EU & UK Duty Free Allowances | European Union Tax Free Travel Allowances 2015

Holiday Duty Free Allowances …

Holiday Duty Free AllowancesEuropean Duty Free Allowances Technically borderless, with an open policy of freedom, citizens and travellers can pass now with little formality throughout the EU (European Union).However, the transfer of goods for personal use, while getting a lot better, is still subject to being taxed in one way or another.

Remember, all the core duty free and tax paid rules and regulations apply only if you are travelling with the items you have bought. The following are classed as DUTY FREE: Liquor, Tobacco and Perfume. All other items are classed as TAX FREE.

Flying within the European Union.
You do not have to pay any tax or duty on goods you have bought in another EU country as long as tax was included in the price when you purchased the item. The item must be for your own personal use, and not for re-sale.

Although there are no limits on the amount of alcohol and tobacco you can bring in from other EU countries, you are more likely to asked questions if you have more than the new post October 2011 reviewed guidelines.

The current (2018) duty and tax free allowances when travelling from another EU country to the UK are:

  • 800 cigarettes
  • 400 cigarillos
  • 200 cigars
  • 1 kg of smoking tobacco
  • 110 litres of beer
  • 10 litres of spirits
  • 90 litres of wine
  • 20 litres of fortified wine e.g. port or sherry.

Exceptions to these allowances apply to travellers arriving from:

  • Estonia: Tobacco allowances are – 200 cigarettes or 250g of smoking tobacco.
  • Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia where you are allowed 200 cigarettes.

Irish Duty Free Rule Changed in January 2014. From January 1st 2014 individuals travelling from Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania will be limited to a duty free allowance of 300 cigarettes into Republic of Ireland. These changes apply to cigarettes only and not to other tobacco products from European Union countries. Entrant allowances from other EU states will remain at a maximum of 800 cigarettes.

The 27 current EU member countries with these duty free allowance regulations are:Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus (not northern Turkish region), Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany ,Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (but excluding the Canary Islands), Sweden, United Kingdom (excluding Channel Islands).

Turkey and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia are the current candidate countries wishing to join.

If you are flying outside the European Union you are entitled to your full allowance of goods at Tax Free and Duty Free prices.

Flying from outside the EU to the UK

If you are flying into the EU from outside the European Union you are allowed to bring in the following, from January 1st 2010, provided you travel with the items and do not intend to sell them.

  • 200 cigarettes, or 100 cigarillos, or 50 cigars, or 250g of tobacco
  • 4 litres of still table wine
  • 1 litre of spirits or strong liqueurs over 22% volume or 2 litres of fortified wine, sparkling wine or other liqueurs
  • 16 litres of beer
  • 60 cc/ml of perfume
  • £390 worth of all other goods including gifts and souvenirs

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Duty Free allowances do change and other items and effects do fall within these categories. Below are customs sites for the more popular travel destinations within Europe which go into more detail.