Choosing confectionery ….

Duty Free Confectionery - Duty Free ChocolatesUniversally loved (a little too much by some), globally popular with all ages, and with no security issues affecting it, confectionery is one area where you just can’t go wrong in travel retail. Whatever your budget, whether you’re looking for a thank you to the neighbour for looking after the cat, an ‘I love you’ gesture for your nearest and dearest, or something to keep the kids quiet en route to Chateaux Holiday, confectionery has all the answers.

Whichever airport you’re leaving from, you’re bound to find a good selection of products from internationally recognised brands as well as regional and local favourites.

What to look for ……………


At airports, inflight and on ferries/cruiseships you’ll find all sorts of confectionery packs that you simply can’t buy on the high street. They will be brands you know • like Cadbury, Kit Kat, Smarties, M&Ms, and Kinder • but in formats that are ‘exclusive to travel retail’. Smarties Cars, Disney Princesses and Winnie The Pooh and friends toppers are all examples.


As a special reminder of where you’ve been, or as a different gift for a friend, look out for special souvenir and destination packs of confectionery . Again, these are usually exclusive to travel retail, so can’t be bought anywhere else. Tins of sweets resembling landmarks such as the London Red Bus or Telephone Box are examples.

Something different.

Take a while to look for confectionery items that are typical of the country/region you have visited. Chocolate covered macadamia nuts from Hawaii, traditional nougat from Spain, Turkish delight from the Middle East.

Look for luxury.

For that special gift for someone special, confectionery can be an affordable alternative to fragrances and fashion. Luxurious chocolate to tempt the tastebuds are available in beautiful boxes and ballotins that are sure to delight from well known brands such as Butlers, Godiva and Guylian (and remember to look for those exclusives!)

A quick snack.

Increasingly you’ll find snack and sharing packs of well known confectionery that are just made for enjoying with the family. They’re ideal for buying if you’re on a no-frills flight (in case the bacon baguettes run out!) or just passing the time while you’re waiting to board.

Keep them quiet.

For kids on the move, confectionery can make the journey a lot more pleasant for all concerned! Apart from the edible treat, look out for special travel packs that include fun and educational elements to keep the kids occupied, such as colouring books/pencils, quizzes, and character toppers.

Seasonal specialities.

Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Ramadan, Chinese New Year • all reasons for buying gifts and all opportunities for buying that extra special box of chocolates whilst on the move!