Tequila Corralejo – Maintaining tradition

Not all tequila is the same. At Casa Corralejo, first esablished in 1775, traditional production methods are as important today as ever. It’s what sets us apart.

We use only 100% pure matured Blue Weber Agave for our tequila, carefully selected by our jimadores, baked in stone ovens and ground to remove the juice before being double distilled and then aged in white oak to bring out the very best flavour. Our tequila certainly makes you feel good – but without the side effects that other ‘mixto’ tequilas can have. Purity is everything.

The perfect spirit to mix as a long drink or the basis of numerous cocktails, tequila is growing in popularity and is the perfect purchase in duty free – either as a self-treat or gift. Savings on prices compared to the High Street mean you can ‘trade-up’ to enjoy one of our beautifully bottled tequilas and perhaps experience Corralejo for the first time.

Tequila Corralejo offers a variety of tequilas to suit all pockets including: Blanco, un-aged; Reposado, aged four months in three types of wood: French, American and White Oak; Anêjo, aged 12 months in new American oak burnt on the inside to achieve a smoky taste; Gran Corralejo, an exclusive reserve aged in oak barrels for at least two years; and Triple Destilado, distilled twice in copper pots with a column-wise distillation in-between. Look out for our new commemorative edition premium tequila 99,000 Hours.

99,000 Hours is aged in single Kentucky oak barrels (no bigger than 200 litres) for 18 months and double distilled in the traditional Corralejo Charente method using copper and column stills. This premium tequila is presented in a rounded carafe style bottle and is designed for drinking neat, on the rocks or in cocktails.

For a fabulous ready made cocktail you can’t beat our new ready made Margarita Mix: Quita Penas. No artificial flavours are used in the mix to make it as close as possible to a freshly prepared Margarita cocktail. Each 750ml bottle is 10% abv is decorated with a bright pink and yellow floral motif. Simply serve over crushed ice for the perfect Margarita. Delicious.

At Casa Corralejo, we’re always looking for new exciting products to offer our customers – and VODKA BOKER is just that. Vodka made from Mexican corn! Boker is a thoroughly modern Mexican vodka with its roots in the distant past. Corn or maiz, to give it its local name, has been the lifeblood of the Central American region, with great civilisations including the Maya, Aztec, Olmec and Zapotec all building their strength around the crop. Five-times distilled and filtered through active charcoal, Boker is as versatile, pure and smooth as any of its international rivals, but with the added bonus of a direct link with centuries of history and culture. You can’t miss it in its highly attractive and unusual deep blue bottle which has a twisted effect. A gift from the gods for the modern cocktail generation – and a perfect gift for a loved one.

And if you are in Mexico then come see us and explore our cellars. Casa Corralejo is situated in Penjamo, Guanajuato, and is open daily. A visit is a real trip into Mexico’s past and is well worth the effort. We’re also home to the Museo del Vino y la Botella – the world’s biggest wine and bottle museum.

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Where you can find Tequila Corralejo
Tequila Corralejo products are available through airport shops throughout Mexico and Central America plus border stores along the Mexican/US and Brazil/Paraguay/Montevideo/Uruguay and Argentinian borders.

You can also find us in Caribbean duty free ports and airport stores in Spain, India, the Maldives, Sri Lanka and Russian border stores.