Flying With Hand Luggage & Duty Free ? …..European Airline Complaints - Departure Gate Problems With Hand Luggage

Ever had any problems when you get to the departure gate ?

Many travellers have, and the problem seems to be getting worse !

  • Told your hand baggage is too big.
  • Being told you now have to check your bags.
  • Made to pay a surcharge.
  • Having to leave your duty free shopping.

When does it happen …..?

  • All at the last moment
  • When you’re at the boarding gate.

Here’s your chance to name and shame those airlines directly to the people who need to know, and who can act on your behalf. This service is FREE. It’s simple …. Enter as much, or as little, information as you want – choose the country it happened in from the drop down box, and press SUBMIT. Easy and all done in seconds

Help Us – Help You …….

This service is provided free of charge by Tax Free Travel. Your email address will not be shared or passed to any third party, and is required so that the EU authority concerned may contact you when investigating your complaint. Full details concerning airline passenger rights and the European Union National Enforcement Bodies as covered by Regulation (EC) 261/2004 may be found at

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