Bhutan Duty Free Allowances

Bhutan Duty Free Allowances

Bermuda Duty FreeHere is our guide to the duty free allowances for Bhutan (officially the Kingdom of Bhutan).Our duty free guide covers the allowances for visiting tourists and travellers to Bhutan and also returning Bhutanese citizens. Allowances for both differ.

Allowances apply to both international border crossings and airports. Paro Airport (PBH) is currently the only international airport in Bhutan serving the capital Thimphu. When upgrade work is completed at Gelephu, it will also handle international air traffic.

Tourist Duty Free Allowances

Bhutan operates a dual channel system for all passengers – Green, nothing to declare and Red for those who have duty to pay.

All arriving passengers must present a Passenger Declaration to customs (these are given to you on the plane) and this must be kept safely as you will need to show them again when you leave.


For those who smoke, please remember that the sale of all tobacco products in Bhutan are banned
For visiting tourists and allowance is permitted of 200 Cigarettes OR 150 GMS of Pipe/Rolling Tobacco. These are subject to a heavy duty, payable on arrival. At the time of writing neither the Tourism Council of Bhutan or the Airport Authorities answer to the amount of duty payable was the same ! Budget up to 200%.


You are permitted one bottle of spirits no bigger than 1 litre.

Personal Effects

You are allowed to bring with you private and personnel effects to include electronic equipment such as cameras, mobile phone and laptop. All these items must appear listed on your Passenger Declaration, and be present with you when you leave.

Bhutanese Nationals Duty Free Allowance

All returning adult Bhutanese are allowed an allowance of private and personal effects up to the value of $1000.00 United States Dollars or equivalent in Bhutanese Ngultrum (BTN).

This allowance, however, is subject to a maximum limit on the following individual items.
50 GMS of Gold, 100 GMS of Silver. 10 pieces of clothing. 2 x 1 litre bottles of alcoholic spirit. 1 bottle of perfume/eau de toilette not exceeding 59 ml.

Remember government rules and regulations do change, often with little or no notice. Always check before you travel.For updates and additional information see the Royal Government of Bhutan, Dept of Civil Aviation website:

Airlines in Bhutan

Druk Air is the national flag carrier airline of Bhutan.
Buddha Air – international airline operating charter services.
Tashi Air – also known as Bhutan Airlines is Bhutan’s first private airline.