Bermuda Duty Free Allowances

Bermuda Duty Free Allowances

Bermuda Duty Free AllowancesEffective 19th November 2012 Bermuda Customs, like many others, will operate a dual-channel system on arrival at L.F. Wade International Airport. Green channel for those with nothing to declare above their duty free allowances, and Red channel for those exceeding their allowances and having to pay duty.Below, is our guide to the current duty free allowances and exemptions for those arriving passengers and tourists to Bermuda.

Individual Duty Free Allowances Full allowances may be claimed by all passengers regardless of age.Tobacco
200 cigarettes and 50 cigars and 0.5 kg of tobacco.

1 litre of alcoholic spirit and 1 litre of wine. Beer is subject to duty at a rate of 25% of its value.

Prescription medicines for personal use only and contained within original packaging, and labelled accordingly, are allowed. Cannabis (marijuana) is strictly prohibited even if it has been prescription prescribed.

Individual gifts are permitted up to a value of BD$30.00. This gift/present allowance may only be claimed once in every 31 days, is per individual, and may not be used for either tobacco or alcohol products.

Any arriving passengers to Bermuda who have goods in excess of the allowances (above), including any purchases made at the arrivals duty free store, must complete a Customs Traveller Declaration Form 98 (CTD 98). On this form you must list all the effects you arrive with including presents and gifts that may not accompany you when you leave. You also need to put a value against all your listed items and this must be shown in Bermuda Dollars (BMD or BD$).

For additional information on duty free allowances and exemptions to Bermuda, follow this link to the official Bermuda Customs website, and follow the navigation bar marked “Recreation” then “Tourists and Visitors”