Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Transfers

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Transfers

Like many SE Asian airports, Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi can come across as manic – close on 150.000 passengers a day pass through BKK’s main airport and all have to get in, to check in or get out – with most heading via downtown Bangkok. There are plenty of different ways to get from the airport to downtown Bangkok, but which is the best way to do so?

The most popular ways to get from the airport to downtown Bangkok are by private taxis, bus, mini bus or the Airport Rail Link City Train which all run directly from the airport and are easy to find in the departure terminal.

Indecision is not recommended so decide on your travel before you arrive.


  • 24 hours service, they are all metered – just make sure the driver turns the meter on
  • BEFORE the journey starts and tell him to use the Express Way
  • Platform by Passenger Terminal on the 1st Floor, Gates 4 and 7

Airport Rail Link

  • Runs every 15 minutes
  • The train will take about half an hour and it connects you to the MRT underground at the Makkasan City Interchange station
  • You’ll find the entrance for the Airport Rail Link service on the first floor of the airport
  • This service runs between 6:00 – 00:00 every day of the week


  • Service from  5.40 – 21.00 hours
  • Tickets are available at the service counter of BorKhorSor (Passenger Terminal, Public Transport Centre)

Mini Bus

  • Service is provided at public transportation centre. Go to arrival terminal 1st floor gates 1 and 8