Bahrain Duty Free Allowances

Bahrain Duty Free Allowances

Bahrain Duty Free AllowancesHere is our guide to your duty free allowances for arriving travellers and tourists to Bahrain, officially the Kingdom of Bahrain.

For air passengers, the main point of arrival is Bahrain International Airport (BAH) the primary hub for both Gulf Air and Bahrain Air.

For additional information on tax and duty free shopping, see our guide to Shopping at Bahrain International Airport

Full allowances are for adult passengers of 18 years of age or older.

1 litre of alcoholic spirit + 6 cans of beer/lager per non-Muslim adult.
Tobacco Products
400 Cigarettes + 50 Cigars + 250 GMS of rolling tobacco.
8 fl oz (236 ml) of perfume.
Gifts & Presents
The total duty free allowance may not exceed BD 250. (Bahraini Dinar) or BHD.
Personal Effects
Passengers personal and private effects, including their computer, mobile phone, personal sports equipment, camera and video recorder in addition to a childs buggy are also free from duties and taxes.
Personal reading material – books, magazines are permitted but the contents must not contain indecency or immorality or contradict Islamic teachings.

Duty free allowances may change, sometimes with little or no notice, so please remember to check before you travel

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Visa for Bahrain ?

For those requiring a visa for Bahrain, the process has been made quick and efficient.

If you need to check if you need one or wish to apply, please follow this link to the official Bahrani government website: