Uruguay Duty Free wool scarves and beltsUnique and affordable … Welcome to Azry Style

If you are looking for beautiful quality 100% hand-made leather and wool duty free accessories then look no further than Arzy Style.

Still only 3 years old, and the result of some extremely hard work by its founder Adda Rodriguez (pictured) Arzy Style has made its mark with its innovative and unique designs for both men and women.

Based in Montevideo, Uruguay, Arzy Style has gathered together talented local designers plus local craftsmen and women to produce these beautiful collections of fashion accessories.

Their Fairy Collection for Women presents a revolution in scarves and belts with bright living designs, complimented with leather and bijoux all of them ideal for a sexy and provocative look for both day and evening wear.

To add to the womens collections, Arzy Style now has a further range of belts and scarves for men as well.

2010 brings a new design, an innovative wool & leather scarf. This is the perfect accessory for all fashion looks and a “must” for this year.

These are perfect for travelers looking for an innovative gift for friends, colleagues and loved ones.

With further retail expansion plans set, Arzy Style is currently available at:

  • DFU Shops at Aeropuerto International de Carrasco in Montevideo
  • Uruguayan Border Free Shops