Airport Panics

Last Minute Airport Panics …

So you’re at the airport, about to check in – then you realise you have left something vital behind. As blind panic sets in, keep your nerve.

I Forgot My PassportAirport Panic's (3)
No matter how hard you try, and whatever story you tell you won’t get out of the country without your passport (unless you have your UK ID card – but let’s not go there shall we).
The safest and fastest option to have this picked up and whizzed to check-in before it closes is bike courier. City Bikes says it needs 20 minutes to pick up a London based passport and another 45 minutes to get it to Heathrow. DHL have an instant same-day service available nationwide. So and may be worth remembering. If you’re overseas given one working day, the Foreign Office can get you temporary travel documents.

I Forgot My TicketAirport Panic's (2)

If you have an e-ticket, all you need is your passport, so all is well. With flights to the US you will need to show a ticket receipt, and this can be printed off again free of charge at the ticket desk (look for the queue). Things get a little worse if you have a paper ticket. Most can be reissued (think £20 ish), but some airlines can only do this if it was originally purchased through certain agents – and then it’s down to waiting on a faxed copy to come through.

I Forgot My GlassesAirport Panic's (1)
There is only one UK airport with an optician on site. David Clulow, Heathrow Terminal 3 and he can get your prescription faxed over and a replacement set in as little as 15 minutes. If you’re in a hurry both Specsavers and Dolland and Aitchinson can fax a copy of your prescription to an overseas optician for you.I Forgot My Driver’s Licence:
If you’re holidaying here in the UK, just call the DVLA ( 01792 782341 Office hours) and they can copy fax to your car rental company – most vehicle rental companies will do this on your behalf. If your abroad/overseas no licence means no car, although the discretion of the outlet sometimes can make a difference. Don’t forget that you need your paper counterpart licence, the plastic credit card sized version is not sufficient.

I Forgot My PillsAirport Panic's
Heathrow, Gatwick, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester airports have dispensing pharmacies. Pharmacists can prescribe an emergency supply of certain medicines. They can also request your doctor to fax them your prescription.I Forgot My Wallet:
There are no banks in any UK airports, only ATM’s. So if you’re cardless (so to speak) get your bank to send a new card to your destination. Most can do this within 48 hours, and most will arrange for you to draw cash on production of your passport until it arrives. For those with friends who have cash – Western Union (the money transfer service) has close on 400,000 agents worldwide, and money can be sent/wired within minutes.