Hong Kong: Macau: Peoples Republic of China Duty Free Allowance Summary

The following are summaries of the duty free allowances for travellers visting China (PRC), Macau and Hong Kong.While both Macau and Hong Kong are Special Administrative Regions of the Peoples Republic of China they both have their own Customs policies, regulations and allowances. Travelling between them is deemed as International travel and so is subject to immigration proceedures and customs checks.

Duty Free Allowance Hong Kong - Duty Free Allowance Macau - Duty Free Allowance Hong KongHong Kong Duty FreeWith effect from August 2010, travellers and visitors over 18 years of age entering HK, are allowed 1 litre of alcoholic liquor/spirit with an alcoholic strength above 30% by volume and 19 cigarettes or 1 cigar or 25 grammes of other manufactured tobacco. In addition 250 ml of eau de toilette and 60ml of perfume. There are no restrictions on currency and cameras, and you are allowed to bring in a reasonable amount of film and personal gifts.These rules and allowances change if the traveller holds a Hong Kong Identity Card. To qualify for their duty free allowance they need to have spent 24 hours or longer outside Hong Kong.Hong Kong operates a “Red”(items to declare) and “Green”(nothing to declare) channel system on arrival. If you are carrying in excess of your allowance it is better to declare the excess rather than face prosecution.

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Duty Free Allowance Hong Kong - Duty Free Allowance Macau - Duty Free Allowance Hong Kong (1)China (PRC) Duty FreeFor travel to mainland China when your stay is less than 6 months your duty free allowance is:

  • 400 cigarettes
  • Two bottles (up to 75cl each) of alcoholic.
  • A reasonable amount of perfume for personal use.
  • 50g of gold or silver.
  • Personal effects for your own use are duty free.
  • Gifts and presents must be declared.

For stays in excess of 6 months these allowances rise to: 600 Cigarettes and 4 x 75cl bottles of spirits.

Please also make sure you complete a passenger luggage declaration form on arrival. Ensure that you list all valuables eg. jewellery, cameras, watches and anything else of value as this must be presented and checked on departure.

Keep ALL receipts for valuable items and effects you buy while in China so you can obtain your export certificate from the authorities when you leave.

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Macau Duty Free Allowance Macau Duty FreeVisitors to Macau may bring in duty and tax free items to the value of 10,000 MOP (Macau Pataca) – as a guide this is the equivalent to $1240 (USD) or €900 (Euros) or £780 (GBP Sterling).Personal duty free allowances on the following are:200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 200 gms of tobacco or any of them with a total weight less than 250 gms.
1 litre of spirits (exceeding 30% abv)
1 litre of wine (not exceeding 30% abv)
Clothes, jewelery, sports equipment and 1 personal computer for private use.Other items are not restricted nor subject to import duties, providing they are in reasonable quantities and for personal use only.

Macau has no export duties and so any gifts or presents purchased will not be subject to tax.

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