Brazil Duty Free Allowances

Duty Free Allowances For Travelling To Brazil

Duty Free Allowances for BrazilAll arriving airline travellers to Brazil are allowed to enter the country with certain effects and possessions free of duty and taxes.Arriving International passengers visiting Brazil are also allowed to purchase duty free items on arrival.

Duty free allowances for both of these categories apply only to travellers over 18 years of age.

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All arriving passengers are allowed items for their own use including clothes, books, gifts and personal possessions with a total value of $500 (USD), or the equivalent amount in other currencies.

In addition, arriving international passengers are allowed to purchase in the arrival duty free shops up to $500 worth of goods provided that they do not exceed the following amounts in these categories;

  • 400 cigarettes or 25 cigars, or 250 grams of rolling tobacco.
  • 10 items of make-up
  • Maximum of 3 items covering watches, electronic equipment, games and toys.
  • 24 units of alcohol, with a maximum allowance of 12 units per category of alcohol.